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Description of the IaaS solution

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, IaaS, is intended for web hosts, telecommunications operators or managed services providers. It offers an IT infrastructure, a virtual machine, made of processing servers, storage servers, network equipment and an operating system, with Cloud Computing characteristics such as billing, deployment, scalability and Load Balancing…

The access to these resources will be through an online « Control Panel » in a reliable and user-friendly way in order to benefit from the following services:

Cloud Servers:

Commercialize a large plethora of public, private and hybrid Cloud with the help of a control panel and a «Pay-as-you-go» type billing or a predefined packet.

Smart Servers:

Combine the advantages of Cloud Computing with the traditional dedicated server for users who require high performances.

Bare Metal Servers:

Offer users the possibility of deploying their preferred operating systems and software. Supply of Bare Metal servers will be automated following the platform’s needs.

Load Balancer:

Add Load Balancers to Cloud or Smart servers in order to increase the availability of IaaS exploitation. The similar approach of automatic scalability of VM resources is supported by the technology

Storage Servers:

Give the users data storage services at a high performance. Be it SAN distributed or centralized, the solution supports all storage technologies (RAID, LVM, ATAoE, ISCSI and Fiber).


Facilitate the creation of VM’s by giving users access to a vast library of Cloud and Smart servers templates with operating systems such as Linux, Windows or FreeBSD while automating the process.


Enlarge your plethora of products by integrating a vast library of open-source applications such as SugarCRM, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Characteristics of the solution:

Performance : the performance of Cloud servers exceeds dedicated servers’ and virtual private servers’ performances. It enables access to the resources (CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth) of many servers.

Security : The Cloud technology has a multilayer security model. It permits the customization of security measures at your network level and your virtual machine.

Hosting services : the tools necessary for the management of VMs (Firewall, Back-up, Disaster Recovery, etc.) are essential for complete security.

Availability : the set-up technology enables automatic repair of VMs in the case of a problem though back-ups and snapshots. This enables users to avoid losses of online access, productivity, data…

Remote access : it is possible to access an account on the web through mobile applications on Android and iOS.

Autoscaling : the initial resources of the created virtual server can be automatically or manually scaled (vertical scaling).

Load Balancing : it is possible to multiply both manually or automatically the main VM in order to intervene in the case of a failure.

Deployment : the deployment of a Cloud server is done rapidly and easily, you just have to choose the CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth parameters. Through a number of operating systems available such as Linux or Windows Cloud Server, users can configure their servers which will be available for exploitation with Cloud Computing properties.