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Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure

Mssql HA

Simplifiez le déploiement de votre code et l’évolutivité de votre environnement..

Customize your environment in a few seconds

Choose your application layer, set the resizing limits, and give it a name. Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python are equally ready to work in the Cloud with SAS!

No installation or complex configuration

The Node.JS hosting installs, configures and interconnects your server instances automaticly with the selected applicative layer. With HA hosting, transfer your Node.JS application and you're off for a ride!

No coding for the API

Inutile de coder pour notre API. Transférez simplement votre application vers notre plateforme d’hébergement cloud et choisissez votre couche applicative.

Mssql HA

Mssql Hosting

7 TND pre-tax/ month
  • 500 Gbit Bandwidth Protection
  • 700 Mpps Packet Protection
  • 99.90% Uptime SLA
  • 10 Locations

Looking for a custom solution?

Our specialists can provide you with the best custom solutions in the market, no worries if you are a small or big company.

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