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Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure


Servers with the highest performance in Africa.

High performance infrastructure - HPC

Today's workloads are resource intensive. Traditional virtualization is bloated and can't keep up. Sunlight unlocks the performance of Bare-Metal with all the benefits of virtualization. Safozi offers Sunlight technology hosted in Tunisia.

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  • 4x more QPS performance for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • 2x memory debit for faster cache performance.
  • IOPS up to 10 times faster.
  • 1/2 of the network latency to improve response time to requests.
  • No IOPS cost provisioned in AWS.
  • Double your Hadoop performance per HDFS node
  • 2x memory debit for faster caching and in-memory performance.
  • Up to 10x IOPS for faster access to data on disk.
  • 1/2 the network latency for faster query performance.
  • Built-in support for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes provisioning.
  • Deploy a full Sunlight cluster on low-power on-board hardware at the edge.
  • Leverage Sunlight HCI technology to simplify your edge infrastructure.
  • Integrated Kubernetes and Docker Swarm deployment engines make deploying edge services fast and easy.
  • Take advantage of NVMe flash storage to achieve the highest performance for your edge applications.
  • Improves Varnish cache performance by 2x with better memory debit.
  • Improves query per second performance at the database level by 4x.
  • Reduces provisioned IOPS costs while running in AWS.

A complete hyperconverged infrastructure stack

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Sunlight NexVisor

Designed from the ground up to support today's high performance hardware technologies with near zero overhead.

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Sunlight SDS

Distributed software-defined storage for easy scaling and low latency with built-in data redundancy

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Sunlight SDN

Software-defined networking allowing easy creation of Ethernet-based virtual private networks.

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Sunlight Dashboard

Easy-to-use Sunlight Dashboard and APIs to configure, monitor, and manage your virtual data center.

Get the full performance of your physical servers


Les serveurs HPC permettent des IOPS les plus performantes grâce au processeur Intel Optane et les disk NVMe.


HPC servers allow the most efficient IOPS thanks to the Intel Optane processor and NVMe disks.


HPC servers benefit from halved latency thanks to the Intel X550 card.

Test your applications in a certified Tunisian Datacenter ISO 27001 and PSI DSS:

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Deploy in your own HPC Infrastructure and achieve 30-50% TCO savings compared to VMware.

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