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SAFOZI - Rock Solid Cloud Infrastructure




OnApp – exclusive partner of SAFOZI, is an English company that has developed an Infrastructure-as-a-Service software platform for hosting providers, telephone operators, managed service providers and is accessing over 170 Data Centers around the world thanks to OnApp Feredation.


Hosterpoint – SAFOZI's exclusive partner, is a Cambridge-based, UK-based consulting and distribution solution and Cloud infrastructure company. Hosterpoint is your "One-Stop Shop" for creating and launching your business Cloud. It provides consulting on the infrastructure, the software and the necessities of the Cloud. It manages customer demand from pre-configuration to Cloud Infrastructure delivery in every region of the world.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab is an incubator that accompanies SAFOZI in its incubation and launch phases. IEL takes a hands-on approach with start-ups. Its skills are based on the experience of practiced entrepreneurs; the From Founders to Founders method.


ATI is the Internet Operator in Tunisia since 1996. Founder of the 1st IXP in the Maghreb region (TunIXP), it operates as an IP transport service provider (AS5438), Internet service provider (AS31245), ccTLD IDN. tn & تونس. Register and LIR. ATI constantly monitors the promotion and development of Internet activities in Tunisia and has recently launched the first open innovation space (404Lab) dedicated to the various activities of civil society.


Microsoft: SAFOZI has closed a partnership with Microsoft to provide Microsoft licenses to its customers. These licenses allow you to take advantage of Windows operating systems or solutions like: SharePoint, Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange etc. Contact us on sales@safozi.com for all inquiries.

pixi dev

Pixi-dev: SAFOZI has entrusted the design and development of its online presence to the agency Pixi dev.