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Why Cloud computing?

Current situation

Firms are facing more and more complex difficulties when their structure and needs increase in parallel to the rapid advancement of technology. This complexity leads to additional costs generated by purchase, deployment, physical server management and technology experts’ payment. Compared to equipment acquisition, the approach of the service becomes more and more practical. VMEs, whom represent the majority of the economy, often times lack a sufficient number of clients face major drawbacks because of additional costs of ownership and thus low ROIC on IT investments. This in addition to other factors to take in consideration, such as linked services, problems caused by sellers and resellers of equipment, shipping, the volume of the new IT and the increase of experts and employees’ wages, which reduce margins.

IT development

  • Equipment and software are becoming more prolific, functional and sophisticated.
  • IT complexity is rapidly increasing.
  • IT progress invades the market.
  • Networks are becoming more large and rapid.

IT requirements

  • IT requirements are continuous and more and more specific.
  • Information management needs, of backup and restore, are constantly rising.
  • Security standards and availability are now more critical than ever.


  • IT infrastructure needs to be at disposal and/or broadened by additional costs.
  • Human resources need to be recruited and managed.
  • The choice and evaluation of equipment options and solutions must be done carefully.
  • The choice and evaluation of equipment options and solutions must be done carefully.
  • Equipment and solutions need to be installed and deployed correctly.
  • Skills in Cloud Hosting

SAFOZI’s offer: Business & IT Consulting

SAFOZI accompanies its clients during their hosting services, CDN and/or Cloud based applications project launch. This backing starts at the prefeasibility study, feasibility study and business planning while installing different technologies on the preselected equipment and finally, by launching the project and support it continuously.
They can limit themselves to one step of the project, business and/or technology or offer the key to project:

  • Business Consulting
  • Prefeasibility study
  • Feasibility study
  • Creation of products and services
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Business plan development
  • Detailed implementation plan development

IT Consulting

  • Resources capacity and sizing study
  • Computing equipment selection
  • Support systems study and selectioly.
  • Customization of platform interface
  • Installation and integration of the Cloud platform components
  • Web Site development
  • Integration of high added value services

Backing and supportw

  • Backing in the launching phase of services
  • Improvement of the marketing strategy, if necessary
  • Improvement of product and service offer, if necessary
  • Continuous support


Public Cloud

You're launching your own Cloud Hosting business? Cloud Computing is the technology of the future. It takes the place of all ancient hosting technologies. The studies published by Gartner and Forester confirm it. No one needs to buy physical servers for application deployment, hosting, data backup or maintenance management anymore. The Cloud enables several persons to access at the same time their Internet applications.

With Business Partners and by applying its own experience in the sector, SAFOZI accompanies its clients in the launch of their own hosting service.

Private Cloud

You want to have a Private Cloud?

With a Private Cloud, you can benefit from a dedicated Cloud environment. You no longer share the Cloud infrastructure with other users. The advantage is in the fact you can have more liberty and flexibility. You can easily add resources and additional capacity without any availability interruptions. There are two types of Private Cloud:

The first one, internal, is managed in the company for its needs and on its own infrastructure.

The external Private Cloud is dedicated to the needs of a single enterprise or a group of enterprises hosted at a service provider.