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1. Contexts

Since its appearance, a lack of practice and knowledge in Cloud Computing has been identified. This lack of theoretical knowledge, which was expected among seniors in the sector, was also present among postgraduate students, graduates and even junior professionals. Modern IT development depends on the new programming languages ​​but also on the infrastructure on which the codes are running. There is a gap in the market between the qualifications expected by companies and the qualifications of young jobseekers. This gap is due to the weak practice of modern computing during the educational course. Indeed, these future engineers always use their own PC or laptop in the study projects, and rarely handle servers or real environments.

2. Solution: Cloud Computing Training Sessions

The solution is to give students access to services based on Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS) and have them participate in training sessions. The training should cover the handling and exploitation of these modern Cloud tools. To increase the technical and practical level of students, it is strongly recommended that simulate use cases inspired by the real world of information and telecommunication technology and all this must be done in the course of their university curriculum. These training sessions will be conducted by pioneer instructors who have participated in the establishment and maintenance of Cloud services in Tunisia.

3. Advantages

The advantages of Cloud Computing training sessions are the following:

Deployment of industrial projects on real servers completes their curriculum with the practical aspect of the technology.

Developing modern up-to-date techniques and knowledge broadens students' knowledge and prepares them for the professional life.

Using the knowledge gained in professional-inspired use cases, gives students a better understanding of the use of ICTs.